Our Focus

We take personal pride in ensuring that every client receives its own, unique risk solution.

Running a business in today’s fast paced world is complex.  Technical hurdles, supply chain challenges, contractual obligations, commodity price volatility, regulatory compliance and political uncertainty are daily challenges our clients face.  Now more than ever, the development and execution of a sound risk management program is essential to a company’s success.


Not only do we understand complex insurance matters, we understand your operations and specific risk issues. Our countless years of experience and industry focus allow us to engage in meaningful dialogue with our clients, and bring more intelligent and cost-effective risk solutions to the table.

Industry Specialization


We specialize in three key industry sectors: energy, industrial and technology. 

Our strength is in our focus and we have become the leading experts in the industries we serve.




Being an Alberta-based firm, energy business is a major focus of ours - it’s in our DNA.  Our Energy practice serves the following industry segments for both Canadian and International operations:


  • Oil & gas exploration & production onshore and offshore

  • Oilfield service contractors

    • Coil tubing

    • Consultants - Engineering, Geological and Geophysical

    • Controls and instrumentation

    • Drillers

    • Environmental / reclamation contractors

    • Fracking

    • Oilfield equipment rental

    • Pipeline construction

    • Service rig operators

    • Seismic

    • Snubbing

    • Water haulers

    • Waste transfer/disposal

    • Well optimization

    • Wireline

  • Midstream

    • Energy transportation and logistics

    • Oil & gas logistics and distribution

    • Oil & gas marketing

    • Oil & gas processing

    • Oil and gas storage

    • Petrochemical

    • Pipeline operators

    • Plant operators

    • Refining and upgrading

    • Transloading

  • Energy manufacturing

  • Energy technology

  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

  • Mining

  • Power and utilities

  • Renewable (Clean) energy



Understanding large industrial risks is a core competency at Iridium and our General Industrial practice focuses on the following industry segments:


  • Agribusiness

  • Cannabis

  • Chemical

  • Large Industrial

  • Logistics

  • Marine Terminal Operators

  • Manufacturing

  • Petrochemical

  • Rail



The rapid progression of technology in recent years has made it a challenging sector for brokers and underwriters alike as both struggle to understand the emerging exposures.  Our Technology practice has kept pace with this fast-paced industry and specializes in the following areas:


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Blockchain

  • Fintech

  • Nanotechnology

  • Shared Economy